pip install pipreqs
pipreqs /path/to/project
$ pipreqs -h
pipreqs - Generate pip requirements.txt file based on imports

    pipreqs [options] <path>

    --use-local           Use ONLY local package info instead of querying PyPI
    --pypi-server         Use custom PyPi server
    --proxy               Use Proxy, parameter will be passed to requests library. You can also just set the
                          environments parameter in your terminal:
                          $ export HTTP_PROXY=""
                          $ export HTTPS_PROXY=""
    --debug               Print debug information
    --ignore <dirs>...    Ignore extra directories, each separated by a comma
    --encoding <charset>  Use encoding parameter for file open
    --savepath <file>     Save the list of requirements in the given file
    --force               Overwrite existing requirements.txt

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